The Simple Key to Spirit Work

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Sometime last fall I trudged into my office where I do most of my work with spirits for myself and for clients. I was exhausted from parenting and grief for the world and I felt numb. I wondered if there was any point in lighting my altar candles and dropping in with my guides, or if it would just be better to stare into space or do laundry. 

I didn’t feel like I had anything to offer or could open to receive anything. I looked down to see my hands holding the lighter. I lit the candles on autopilot without any formal invocation and just stood there. As I put the lighter back in the drawer, I got a message that has stayed with me every day since.    

This is it!
This is the point!
This is it. This is it. This is it.
Just show up.

They whispered to me over and over.    

Nothing fancy happened. I numbly lit a candle, but I showed up and my guides showed up. 

This is the true base of spirit work. Showing up to be in relationship with our guides whether we are feeling tapped in or tapped out, joyous or miserable, open or numb. Showing up is what nourishes the ground of relationship for roots to grow. 
This moment strengthened my commitment to make more opportunities for people to show up and be with their spirit allies. I am delighted that 2023 started with the

JUST SHOW UP monthly practice group  

Jan 7 at 9:30 am PST (and the first Saturday of each month ongoing)

 $33 / session

🌳 For people with some shamanic, ritual, or psychic experience connecting to spirit allies.

🌳 I will offer grounding, invocation, and suggestions, then we will do at least two experiential drop ins that give you time to be with your spirit allies, learn from them, and deepen those relationships. 

🌳 It won’t be heavily guided. You will have the freedom to practice your way and also the container and support of a lovely group of humans and guides. Time for discussion/sharing at the end.

🌳 Healers who have busy practices and don’t always get a chance to connect on their own behalf or with others are very welcome. 

*if you would like to attend and can not afford the session fee, please email me*


The first three groups have been a pure delight.