Practical intuitive guidance for transformation and clarity

I help people who want to sync up with more truth and clarity in their lives by honoring the innate wisdom of the body and connecting with unseen support. 

Intuitive, Teacher, Ritualist

 I work with people who are ready for something to move in their lives. I have over a decade of training and practice in the art of seeing, healing, meditation, and ritual. It is my joy to facilitate transformation, alignment, and homecoming for others. This is the work that many of my ancestors did, and I am here to share it with you.

Intuitive Readings

Navigate difficult decisions and everyday challenges with increased clarity, confidence, and trust. 

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Somatic Meditation

Learn to meditate or enliven your existing practice with genuine inquiry and compassionate insight.

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Space Clearing

Collaborate in an energetic uplift and learn how to tend your space so you can feel at home where you are.

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Rayann holds a wide and grounded space for safety and clear vision to emerge. She creates a corridor between the worlds to link one’s personal experience to higher purpose and truth.

 Rachel Gerson, Therapist

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