Ancestral and Spirit Guided Support for Clarity, Healing, and Resilience

There is an abundance of compassionate support already embracing you

Sound radical? After being discouraged for centuries in the western world, ancestral and spirit guide connection can feel distant, awkward, or taboo. Yet, it is a natural human state to be connected with the ancestors and guides who help us to do life. Relating with the seen and unseen beings in our lives means turning toward our own root structures and our belonging on this planet. People have been in relationship with the spirit worlds for a long time: 40,000 years or longer, depending on who you ask.

Rayann is a seasoned and strong spirit-worker. She offers mentoring and healing sessions with a kind, gentle, and warmhearted touch. Her work serves those who need help with initiatory experiences, entanglements, loss, and reconnection to their own souls, guides, purpose, or place.

Rayann Gordon

Three Ways to Begin Your Journey

Work With Rayann



“Rayann holds a wide and grounded space for safety and clear vision to emerge. She creates a corridor between the worlds to link one’s personal experience to higher purpose and truth.

– Rachel Gerson

Spirit worker, artist, and medium

All of Rayann’s work is about embodying one’s own divinity, connecting with spirit allies authentically, and restoring well being.

She has a facility for aiding people in recovering lost essence and sense of self, curse unraveling, the development of shamanic and mediumistic skills, ancestral healing and reconnection, compassionate depossession, seidr, and disentangling from abusive situations.

Rayann’s ancestors are from Scotland, Ireland, England, and Scandinavia. She lives and works on the unceded ancestral lands of the Lekungwen peoples in Victoria, BC.

She is known for her gentleness, warmth, humor, and a way of meeting the stuff that looks scary with compassion and clarity.

Rayann Gordon