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Your Guides

Your spirit guides are your otherworldly support team

This network of relationships can be supportive, nourishing, and awakening. Learn to work with them in a way that feels authentic for you in this 1:1 mentoring program.

You are part of a compassionate and powerful team. I’m here to help you build those relationships.

Most of us don’t learn how to work with our spirit allies as we grow up, but many of us have sensed them, received help, or found ways of connecting. I’m here to help you strengthen those connections in a way that supports your uniqueness and honors the uniqueness of your spirit allies as well.

Over ten 1:1 sessions we will work in an arc guided by your interests and the direction that your spirit allies suggest to you. You will get centered in your network of guides so that you can communicate with them more easily, understand some of the different types of people you are working with, and explore connecting in safe, healthy, and powerful ways. We will work with your strengths and your stuck places with compassion and care.

Rayann Gordon

Explore your intuitive strengths

Learn how to enhance, manage, and titrate how information is coming to you so you can create a system that works and can grow with you.

Establish authentic boundaries

Create boundaries that feel right in your body. Identify where your boundaries get tripped up. Explore setting boundaries with your spirit guides.

Build real organic relationships

Find your own rituals, style, and pacing so that you can have a healthy lifelong (and beyond!) relationships with your guides.

Learn how to work with your spirit allies in a way that feels authentic for you

When I learned to work with my spirit guides I crashed around a bit. My boundaries were almost non-existent and I followed advice that wasn’t helpful. I learned the hard way by doing things that didn’t serve me or my relationship with my guides. I also had beautiful skill building and initiatory experiences with mentors and practitioners of shamanism, mediumship, and seidr. I eventually learned how to show up, build skills without sacrificing authenticity, and develop the relationships with the spirit world that I always longed for.

Over the last 6 years of guiding people into connection with their spirit guides, I have seen over and over that one size does not fit all in this work. The way into a spirit relationship or a skill and the right next steps are often not the same for any two people. To respect your individual cosmology, culture, strengths, and intuitive wiring, I offer a more nuanced approach to foundational spirit guide work.

Rayann Gordon

I started out being unsure and nervous if I could talk to my guides at all and ended up with a wonderful team of trusted guides and healthy ancestors that I can call on for help. I learned safe ways to protect myself and vet who I’m talking to and I now feel confident in my abilities! My entire life changed through what I learned and with what I now have access to. Rayann and her guidance through this program opened the door to a whole new world and to a more supported and rich spiritual life for me.

-Andrea Olsen

“It’s empowering, skill building and healing to work with someone dedicated to sovereignty who understands that it is all within me. Rayann points me into new worlds of experience with simple questions or inquiries as I work to heal myself and the world around me through animist/ spirit communications. She offers me tools and containers for magic to unfold.”


– Ati Nasiah

“When I am in a session with Rayann, I feel safe and centered. I feel the wisdom of my ancestors and helping spirits flowing through her and to me. There is something ancient and timeless that opens up. Because Rayann holds a warm and welcoming space, and because of her intimate relationships with her allies in the unseen, I soften and receive my healing on a deep level. She is a strong, clear-seeing, and wise healer, and I would entrust anyone I love to her tremendously skilled care.”

– Katie Poinier

The Program Includes

  • Ten 1:1 sessions over 5 months
  • One voice memo exchange each month to answer questions that arise between sessions

  • Audio recordings and worksheets on ritual design, initiation, doubt, connecting with your essence, and fine tuning your intuitive senses
  • Ethics and use of power agreement that makes our roles clear


5 payments of $330