A Winter Solstice Blessing

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Do you feel the power of this solstice, dear one? For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you get a moment to be with the darkness today or tonight. At a time of year when nature calls us to slow down and Christmas traditions may create pressure to speed up, if you are reading this I want you to know that I am grateful. I appreciate your time. May this short blessing find you well, and give you a moment to pause, wherever you are.

Winter Solstice Blessing

Turn toward the velvety darkness

that sweet womb-like embrace

that dissolves distance

difference and indifference


Let it slip through your fingers

for nothing can be grasped

from the point of shaking stillness

this dark pinnacle of the year


Allow the unknown to loom large

and yourself to change size


many times a day


From these dark days

from the place where time stops

let your trust in unnameable grace

begin to weave itself once again


Your weaving may be tattered and thin

worn from all that a body can not process

or it may be fluffy and bright

no matter


Weave your way with the threads you have

into the crack of the walnut opening

Mist rising on water

Hearts shaping, breaking, reforming


And the light returns

singing your name

calling you

as you call it


Welcome the return

and all within you

that is holy


A new year

a new song

at last





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  1. Prayer Vigil for Gaza with Sacred Grief facilitator Shauna Janz. Dec 24 @ 4pm PT

  1. Haa Tóoch Lichéesh Coalition, a beautiful non-profit in Alaska that works to promote healthy relationships, prevent violence, and promote community healing and transformation is having a new year’s match donation campaign. They have been doing their work for a long time, but are now in a newly formed organizational structure and your donation will help with Lingít language classes, cultural healing, youth support, and plant medicine teachings.

  2. A prayer or contemplation I offered recently for those grieving the Hamas/Isreal conflict. Feel free to use it in your practice if it feels helpful.

    5. I bought Shit, Actually by Lindy West A YEAR AGO and I am still listening to it and laughing on my third listen through. If you need to laugh, this book might be for you. The audio book is also great because Lindy West is funnier out loud. Oh, and her substack is also wonderfully silly.

    Butt News

    we’re here to watch movies and talk about butts, and we have a lot of both, don’t even worry about running out AT ALL
    By Lindy West

6. A book that I never want to end. I read it so slowly, taking days between the essays. The Great Spring: Writing, Zen, and This Zigzag Life by Natalie Goldberg

Happy Solstice!