Just Show Up

A Monthly Date with your Spirit Guides

For people with some shamanic, ritual, or psychic experience connecting to spirit allies

A monthly date with your spirit guides in a supportive ritual container

Have you talked to your spirit guides or ancestors before?

Received images or felt their nudges? Felt very connected at times then get too busy and feel the connection wane? Perhaps you have a strong ritual practice serving others, but don’t always have the luxury of connecting only on your own behalf.

Just Show Up is a space where folks who can access their guides or are actively learning to access their guides will practice together. I will offer grounding, invocation, and suggestions, then we will do at least two experiential drop ins that give you time to be with your spirit allies, learn from them, and deepen those precious relationships. You will have the freedom to work with your guides your way and also the container and support of a group of lovely humans and other than human kin.

First Saturday of every month 9:30-10:45am PT


*If you would like to attend and can not afford the session fee, please email me.

“Rayann is truly a trusted practitioner and facilitator who walks in divine harmony with spirit. I always feel safe and deeply supported while in her care.

– Heather Louise, Animisma podcast host